JZ Mortgage Services, Inc.

Main Number: 888-217-1526

Email: Info@JZMortgage.com

Primary Florida Office Address

7815 2nd Ave NW
Bradenton, FL 34209

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935 Wallace Drive
Delaware, OH 43015 

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1252 63rd Ave S,
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705 
JZ Mortgage Services was founded in 2015 by James Zielinski. Our vision is to provide outstanding loan consulting services, access to the best programs and rates available, and help our clients achieve the American dream of owning a home.


  • James Zielinski is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, NMLS# 972677
  • Personally closed over 1000 loans
  • 15 years experience in the financial industry
  • Expert in purchases and refinances
  • Have a professional that cares on your side


  • Working with over 100 lenders
  • Access to the best lenders, loan programs, and rates available
  • We shop lenders to find the best fit for our clients
  • NO application fee, pre-approval fee, or any up front fees
  • Low cost and low fees
  • Ask how you can receive "Lender Credit" to help pay your closing costs
  • No overlays!
  • Specialty portfolio programs
  • Most banks and lenders have overlays such as a minimum credit score of 620. We have lenders that have NO overlays and can work with lower credit scores, credit events, and people that get turned down by other lenders


  • We have helped thousands of clients, and with all of that experience we can provide top quality consulting to our clients
  • We are experts at getting mortgages approved and closed
  • Most of our loans close in less then 30 days
  • Teamwork - we work hand in hand with our clients and realtors to accomplish the goal of closing your loan
  • Communication and service - we care about our clients and understand communication is extremely important. It's a lot of paperwork and steps to complete a mortgage. You will appreciate having a professional on your team that can help you get your loan closed.


JZ Mortgage Services, Inc.

James Zielinski NMLS # 972677

Equal Housing Lender   EHO 50

JZ Mortgage Services, Inc.

7815 2nd Ave NW
Bradenton, FL 34209