No-Ratio Loans: Basics and Benefits

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When it comes to real-estate investing, traditional mortgages simply don’t work much of the time. Many real-estate investors and small business owners have difficulty quantifying their income and worthiness as a borrower using traditional measures like tax paperwork, W-2s, and debt-to-income ratio (DTI). For many of these would-be investors, we at JZ Mortgage Services, Inc.,… [Read More]

Understanding Bank Statement Loans


At JZ Mortgage Services, Inc., we find financing solutions for borrowers with all types of needs. Traditional home loans – and the traditional loan qualifying process – aren’t for everyone. Many self-employed borrowers, for example, are great candidates for home financing, but may not qualify for conventional financing because their tax returns don’t reflect their… [Read More]

Portfolio Loans for Self-Employed Borrowers


If you’re a self-employed business owner, you know that your tax returns on paper may not be a good representation of your worth as a borrower. Unlike government loans (like FHA, USDA and VA loans) and conforming loans (which conform to guidelines set by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), portfolio loans can serve many… [Read More]

The mortgage market is now dominated by non-bank lenders

Quicken Loans has seized a larger share of the mortgage market but rising interest rates and anticipated deregulation under President Trump could change things. (Uli Deck/picture-alliance/dpa/AP ) By Michele Lerner February 23 Most borrowers, whether they are purchasing property or refinancing their home, focus on their mortgage rate and loan terms rather than the type of lender… [Read More]

100% FHA Financing


Homeowners and renters that have been affected by Hurricane Irma, please contact us for information on 100% FHA loan program for disaster relief.

Fixed mortgage rates continue their slide, falling to two-month lows

By Kathy Orton August 17 (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images) Global and domestic unrest put downward pressure on mortgage rates this week. According to the latest data released Thursday by Freddie Mac, the 30-year fixed-rate average slipped to 3.89 percent with an average 0.4 point. (Points are fees paid to a lender equal to 1 percent of the loan… [Read More]

After Hurricane Irma: Answers On Insurance Claims; Tips On What To Do

Floridians suffering damage from Hurricane Irma may have questions on insurance claims. Here are tips on what you need to know. By Don Johnson (Patch Staff) – Updated September 12, 2017 1:11 pm ET ShareTweetGoogle PlusRedditEmailComments TAMPA, FL — As Floridians begin the cleanup from Hurricane Irma, they begin assessing their options regarding insurance claims. As you might expect,… [Read More]

10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season

PHOTO COURTESY OF SHUTTERSTOCK Your home is one of your largest investments, so protecting it from natural disasters is probably one of your top priorities. “It is very important to note that the seasonal outlook cannot forecast where and when storms will form, let alone if/where they will make landfall and what the impacts would… [Read More]