Non-Qualifying Mortgages


In the process of purchasing a home, there are lots of questions and concerns one may have throughout the process, but one thing that many people don’t think about is what happens after you are not qualified through the conventional loan process? There are plenty of reasons people don’t get qualified for a home loan;…

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What Is A Homestyle Renovation Loan?


Homestyle renovation loans can be useful to those who are on the hunt for a home and realize they just can’t afford the home they want. It can be hard to find everything you want in a home, but if you use a homestyle renovation loan, you can fix up a home so that it…

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What is an FHA 203K loan?


An FHA 203K loan can be used to not only purchase a home but finance the improvements to the home as well. They can also be used for just the home improvements but you may want to research other options if you are purchasing a home as well. These loans are guaranteed by the FHA…

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What Is a Bridge Loan?

cookie cutter houses

A bridge loan is a loan used for a short period of time while a person or company secures long term financing. They are typically used when a buyer needs cash immediately and does not have time to go through the traditional loan process. They usually have higher interest than a traditional loan and are…

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What Is A Commercial Loan?


Commercial loans are generally short term loans that are used to purchase larger properties like  multi-unit properties. At JZ Mortgage, we are able to fund up to 100 million dollars to purchase properties from 5-100 units. If you are in the market to purchase one of these properties, we would love to discuss your options…

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Learn More About Investor Loans

Architects review plans

Are you an investor thinking about a new project but aren’t quite sure where to find the funding? JZ Mortgage Services in Bradenton, FL has the ability to fund your project even if you aren’t able to provide documentation of your income. Investor loans are becoming more and more popular for this reason and we…

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Relocating to Florida


Sunshine…condos…beaches…all things you can find in Florida, and it’s the reason thousands of people think about moving to Florida on a daily basis. If you happen to fall into that category, we at Family First Mortgage are here to help you decide if that’s the right move for you. When most people think of buying…

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Reverse Mortgages

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Age matters! A reverse mortgage is a loan for homeowners who are at least 62 years old and allows them to turn the equity in their home into cash. The reason it is called a reverse mortgage because payments are made to the borrower instead of being paid to the lender.   No spending restrictions!…

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Stated Income Loans – What You Need to Know

Business deal

Even if you are in the market to purchase a home, a stated income loan is probably not a term you are familiar with as they are no longer available to homeowners, but you can apply for one as an investor. A stated income loan is a type of loan from a lender that does…

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What is a Construction Loan?

house with black shutters

A construction loan is a home loan that is used to pay for the construction of a home. There are two types of constructions loans. The first type of construction loan is called a construction-to-permanent loan. It is used to pay for construction, and then once the home is built, it becomes a mortgage. The…

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